Three is the magic number


I love getting to photograph families because I love watching people love each other. This family is the perfect example: you can just tell that they are crazy about each other.  They make a good team and it shows!  Thank you, R, T and L for letting me photograph you again this year!

RTLFamily2012-2 copy

RTLFamily2012-5 copy

RTLFamily2012-7 copy

RTLFamily2012-9 copy

RTLFamily2012-13 copy

RTLFamily2012-14 copy

RTLFamily2012-19 copy

RTLFamily2012-20 copy

RTLFamily2012-21 bw copy

RTLFamily2012-26 copy

RTLFamily2012-30 copy

RTLFamily2012-35 copy

RTLFamily2012-39 bw copy

RTLFamily2012-44 copy

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