The way I view….the holidays


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It’s already time for my twelfth installment of my the way I view project! The topic this month is the holidays.

When I went looking for pictures to share this month I thought I’d share some cute kid crafts, ie:
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DSC02278 med copy
(Our countdown to Christmas project).

If that fell through I figured I’d find some cute kid antics to share, like Quinn’s (age 7) impassioned note to Santa:
DSC03008 med copy
(I “bleef” [beleive] in you Santa)

But the truth is that the holidays, to me, are all about the lights. I cling to Christmas as a reminder that there is light in darkness. Even in midwinter there is light: if the world is dark we make our own light. If you ask me, we should keep our holiday lights up until spring brings the light back. So I view the holidays lit by strings of lights.

Marching in the local parade of lights:
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DSC02433 med copy

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We went to Zoolights twice this year, once by ourselves and once with my parents, sister and family:
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Kieran (4.5) has developed a cheesy smile for the camera

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The kids were obsessed with the towers of flame set up to light/heat up the concessions:
DSC02632 med copy

DSC02654 med copy

DSC02661 med copy

DSC03428 med copy
(My dad and nephew)

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DSC03450 med copy

DSC03466 med copy

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DSC03489 med copy

DSC03496 med copy

DSC03505 med copy
Quinn is a cassowary

DSC03540 med copy

DSC03556 med copy

And, of course, decorating the tree:
DSC02917 med copy

DSC02934 med copy

Now head over to Barb’s blog to see how she views the holidays!

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  2. Colie

    January 4th, 2013 at 1:17 am

    Nicole I love love love the lights! I will have to see some lights next year. I think Chloe will enjoy this next year.

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