The Long Winter of [My] Discontent


I should have guessed when I began the year with the ‘flu it was going to be a rough winter.

But by January 8th I’d rallied and was feeling GREAT. I sat down that day and planned out my whole year.  I wrote out all the trips I had on my calendar so far that year.  I planned out all the blog posts I was going to write.  I even wrote a manifesto! Of how much ass I was going to kick in 2018!  This was my year! [I need to dig that manifesto up and see what I was planning.  I can’t imagine now what I was thinking.]

And literally a few days later my best-laid plans flew out the window when we got some life-changing news about my husband’s work.

I spent this winter traveling between the valleys of feeling sick as a dog and the peaks of panicking about things I could not control.  I was really, really sick.  A lot.  So were my kids.  And things really, really did not go our way.

But.  But, but, but.  On January 1st I signed up for a 365 project through Meg Bitton and somehow through all the chaos, angst and heartbreak, I managed to take a picture a day.  The project provides a daily prompt. It’s very easy for me to get caught up in perfectionism and quit things. It’s also easy for me to get caught up in perfectionism and procrastinate until I might as well have quit.  My goal with this has been simply TO DO IT.  And for the first quarter of 2018, I did really well.  I did get caught up on a few prompts (“what you’re best at,” for example, slayed me for four days until I took a picture of my damn cat and moved on before I became completely paralyzed).  I have to say that I’m really proud of myself for sticking with it.  Especially during what turned out to be a long and not great winter.

The point of this project is to find out who you are as a photographer.  I’m really enjoying the insight I’m gaining.  Like, the perfectionism thing is really bad.  I have a real problem.  And I tend to be non-traditional (ie, one prompt was “potato” so I photographed something that looked like a potato only to realize that many others photographed actual potatoes).  Looking back I can see how much my emotions play a role in my images and how I’m making a commentary on everything I photograph.  It’s been a fun process.

So, without further ado: enjoy the first quarter of 2018


(Yes, I did spend a week in Maui and keep up with the project.  Go me!)

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