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I believe:

Slightly embarrassing things you should probably know about me:

-That life's greatest joy is to change your life through novel experience. 
-That you don’t have to travel to Africa to have a transformative experience. You can open your world by visiting a new city in your own backyard or even by reading a book. 
-In equality, challenging gender roles and questioning privilege. 
-That handwritten notes sent in the mail, please and thank you are the first steps to changing the world.
-In traveling solo and getting naked as soon as you enter your hotel room (but not your hostel. For the love of god, keep your clothes on in the hostel).
-That nothing ruins tacos faster than Taco Tuesday. 
-In big, rambunctious families. And solitude. Both are vital.
-That I knew more about good parenting four sons ago than I do now.
-In observing before talking. 
-That courage means feeling terrified and doing it anyway.

-I get up and leave social events without saying goodbye. Ghosting is easier for this nerd than awkwardly trying to find a graceful way to extricate myself.
-Having four kids was a perplexing choice for someone who needs peace and solitude as much as I do. Thank goodness they're here to keep pulling me out of my shell.
-I have a parking spot in every parking lot I frequent and I have to park in that exact spot or I’ll never find my car again. Same with butter in the fridge.
-Every single time I travel with my kids they'll ask me where their underwear or pants are and I'll say in exasperation, "I don't know! Go back and find them yourself!" only to realize later that I never packed them. In other words, I parent through benign neglect. It grows character.
-You won’t find me watching horror films, ever. I cannot convince my brain that the movie isn’t real and that someone isn’t going to jump out at me any second now.
-When my husband puts things in the garage to “fix later” I stick them in the trash on trash day. He’s never once noticed.
-I secretly feed my dog table scraps because I want her to like me best. I also miss her more than my kids when we’re apart.
-I think the most exciting place in Denver is IKEA. I freaking LOVE IKEA.
-There’s a running joke between my husband and me: if there’s water anywhere I’ll say I’ll just dip my toes in and pretty soon I’m wet to the neck. I just can’t resist water.  

When I'm not here you'll find me:

Photographing beautiful angels as a NILMDTS Affiliate Photographer since 2012

Writing about my travel adventures at Audacious Nicole's Travel Journal


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