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I’m pretty sure it’s too late to post pumpkin patch pictures but there’s one picture in the batch that makes me laugh every time I see it and the world needs more laughter so I’m posting these today.

OK. I lied. There’s more than one that makes me laugh.

Those of you who have met Kieran are aware that the kid never stops talking. He doesn’t even care if you’re listening, the boy just wants to say his piece. And if you knew Kie as a baby you’d understand why this is an amazing thing: he was THE most shy toddler I’ve ever met. So here is Kieran, still talking while playing at the pumpkin patch:
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We’ve gotten our pumpkin patch visits down to a quick, obligatory pumpkin grab before the kids take off to jump across the straw bales. I love the way they give it everything they’ve got and just fly:

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That giving it all you’ve got thing works really well when it works. It also hurts when it doesn’t work. Every time I look at this picture I think “ooohhhhh, that’s going to leave a mark!” (It did. Quinn didn’t care)

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This is Quinn’s concept of cooperation. OMG, Mom, he went UP there. He stuck an ARM through! What more could you want!?
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Good thing my baby is still cute and cooperative!
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Speaking of babies, my biggest baby isn’t one anymore:
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Again, thank goodness I still have a baby around:
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Happy Thanksgiving to all of my stateside readers!

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