Old Soul – {Fairview High School Senior Photographer}


When my oldest was little Lili’s mom used to pass on toys and the occasional dinosaur sweater when Lili outgrew them…and here she is as a Fairview High School Senior!  When I was a new mom, neck-deep in babies and toddlers, people used to tell me that it goes fast.   Since the baby/toddler phase felt like it lasted forever, I really didn’t want to hear it…but HOLY WOW it goes fast!  Especially for other people’s kids, who silently grow up when you’re not paying attention.

Lily and I went on our adventure together at Wonderland Lake in Boulder (here’s a family I photographed there years ago).  We had fun exploring all the little places hidden around the lake and taking some fun pictures.  This location offers a lot of little areas to use as backdrops as well as beautiful light.

Lili strikes me as an old soul.  She is self-assured, down to earth, and easy to talk to.  Luckily for me, to was up for exploring everywhere, even in her shoes with wedges so high I’d surely break my neck if I even tried to stand in them.  We had a lot of fun on our adventure!

Yellow leaves at Wonderland Lake with a Fairview High School Senior

Gorgeous Lili Fairview High School Senior Photographer

profile of a Fairview High School Senior outlined by the sun
changing leaves at Wonderland Lake with a Fairview High School Senior
framed by leaves on a Fairview High School Senior Session
Sunflare at Wonderland Lake
Flowers and changing leaves in Boulder, co

The above picture is my favorite from our session!  Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s very Lily – gorgeous, self-assured and just a bit mysterious.

Sunflare behind the Front Range in Boulder

I had such fun going on an adventure with you Lili and getting a chance to chat and get to know you.  Best of luck in all the future brings!

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