When my oldest was little Lili’s mom used to pass on toys and the occasional dinosaur sweater when Lili outgrew them…and here she is as a Fairview High School Senior!  When I was a new mom, neck-deep in babies and toddlers, people used to tell me that it goes fast.   Since the baby/toddler phase felt […]

Broomfield High School Senior Photography Meet Delaney, Broomfield High school graduate!  This session married two of the best things about fall – beautiful weather and colorful leaves. The fact that Delaney is gorgeous, fun, personable and down-to-earth made for a gorgeous session!  We met at South Mesa Trailhead and I had a blast chatting with Delaney’s […]

Monarch High School Boy Senior Photographer I’m sharing a lot of high school senior girl portraits this week, but boys need senior pictures too!  Today’s senior is a graduate of Monarch High School. Pictures are awkward for most of us, but I think senior boys are second only to adolescent boys when it comes to not […]

Boulder County mountain High school senior photography We are at the height of the season for Boulder County mountain High school senior photography!  This session is especially dear to my heart.  I’ve known and loved this girl since the day she was born. In fact, the day she was born was the day I became sure […]

We put all our decorations away this week.  I am so deeply relieved to have more space in my house etc, etc, etc but I am really sad about taking the lights down.  I LOVE Christmas lights (and sparklers) and am bereft when they go away in January.  So since today is a snow day (see below. […]

It’s about time I shared the photos from Alba’s Arvada three year photos!  You can see her at two, one and brand new. I stand by three being the hardest age to parent (I mostly took pictures of my kids crying when they were three), but it’s become one of my favorite ages to photograph. […]

Miss Arya turned one this summer.  We met one Saturday morning to get some 1-year pictures before she grows up completely.  One is such a fun age…still holding on to the chubbiness of babyhood while hints of the little people they’re becoming emerge. Love her little upside down face!  Arya is just starting to walk. […]

Some of the businesses in our town (Louisville, CO) came together to coordinate a Pokemon GO event.  The businesses put out lures and you could walk around, catch Pokemon, check into businesses on Facebook and win prizes. Thanks to Facebook I understand that there are a lot of people irate about Pokemon GO.  I get it. I’ve […]

Memphis.  My husband trained there last week and I tagged along, as I love to do, to learn a new city. I’m not sure what I expected from Memphis.  I try to arrive at each destination without plans or preconceptions.  But the human mind insists on attaching ideas to things.  I think I was expecting to arrive […]

Sometimes….some times my husband just gets it right. One afternoon I was sitting upstairs, editing pictures and falling deeper and deeper into my foul mood.  My kids appeared at my elbow and told me to get my shoes on and go for a walk with them.  I grumbled and they insisted.  So I put my […]