Beyond the Traditional Head Shot


I’ve been working on a fun project this summer: some non-traditional headshots for a company here in Boulder County!

Michael contacted me because he’s working with a web designer to revamp his website.  He was looking for images that would show who he is both at and outside of work, in order to create a visually-based website.  He wanted images that show that he’s an affable, geeky, fun guy as well as a financial advisor who will take care of you.  

Michael hired me for a full day experience.  He joked that I was his paparazzi for the day, an apt description (although I secretly thought of it as being his Pete Souza)  We worked to capture Michael in all of his different facets and roles in order to create a robust portfolio of images showcasing who Michael is.  This entailed:


We made sure to capture some formal and relaxed headshots.  Of course, we wanted this project to go beyond headshots but everyone needs some basic professional photos.


Since Michael’s business is client driven we brought in some model clients to show him working with a variety of people in a few different scenarios. (I love that first picture so much!)


Of course everyone is someone outside of work.  We brought in Michael’s wife and dogs so we could show his relationships outside of work:

Charitable Work

Michael is the President of Boulder Rotary.  I attended a few events to capture images of him speaking in front of a crowd and interacting with friends.

Martial Arts

Over the past few years, Michael has been working his ass off at Tran’s Martial Arts in Boulder.  He has become the fittest, leanest, toughest person I know.  He wanted to showcase his hard work and accomplishment so I joined him at Tran’s to capture his Krav Maga and Kickboxing classes.

Seriously.  Is this guy not an impressive athlete!?  Something those formal headshots don’t show!

We ended up with a wide range of photographs that showcase who Michael is both at and outside of work.  He has a solid portfolio to take to his web designer to build a website that’s truly HIM.  

Interested in headshots for your company?  Contact me!

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