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I believe:

Slightly embarrassing things you might not want to know about me:

-That life's greatest joy is letting a big surprise change you.
-That you don’t have to travel to somewhere exotic to have a transformative experience.  
-In  challenging gender roles and questioning privilege. 
-That handwritten notes are the first steps to making the world happier.
-In traveling solo and getting naked as soon as you enter your hotel room. (But not your hostel. For the love of god, keep your clothes on in the hostel).
-That Taco Tuesday ruins tacos for me. 
-In big, loud, rambunctious families. And absolute solitude. Both are vital.
-That I knew more about "good parenting" four sons ago than I do now.
-In watching before talking. "I like to watch." (Name that movie and I'll reward you!) 
-In courage, which to me means feeling terrified and doing it anyway.

-Sometimes, I quietly leave social events without saying goodbye. I blame my inner-grandpa. 
-I have a special parking spot in every parking lot and not parking in that exact spot means I’ll never find my car again. (Same with the butter in the fridge.).
-Just because I forgot to pack my kid's underwear when we travel doesn't stop me from saying in exasperation, "I don't know! Go find them yourself!" Apparently, I parent through benign neglect. It grows character. 
-You won’t find me watching horror films, ever. I cannot convince my brain that the movie isn’t real and that someone isn’t going to jump out at me any second now.
-I secretly trash everything my husband puts in the garage to “fix later." He’s never once noticed.
-I secretly feed my dog table scraps because I want her to like me best. I also miss her more than my kids when I travel. .

When I'm not here you'll find me:

Photographing beautiful angels as a NILMDTS Affiliate Photographer since 2012

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